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Deep groove ball bearing working principle and characteristics

Edit: Rihoo Industry (Hongkong) Co.,Limited    Date: Oct 19, 2018

The original list of deep groove ball bearings is a radial ball bearing and is the most widely used type of rolling bearing. It is characterized by low frictional resistance and high rotational speed, and can be used on a mechanical load bearing a combined load of radial load or radial and axial simultaneous action, and can also be used for a part that bears axial load, such as a small power motor. Automobile and tractor gearboxes, machine tool gearboxes, general machines, tools, etc.

Deep groove ball bearings work mainly with radial loads and can also withstand radial loads and axial loads. When it is only subjected to radial loads, the contact angle is zero. When the deep groove ball bearing has a large radial clearance, the performance of the angular contact bearing can withstand a large axial load, the friction coefficient of the deep groove ball bearing is small, and the limit rotation speed is also high. Deep groove ball bearings are primarily used to withstand radial loads, but are also commonly used to withstand combined radial and axial loads. In particular, the mechanical equipment has a high rotational speed. When a thrust bearing is not suitable, the bearing can be used to withstand two-way pure axial load and requires no maintenance during operation. It is a kind of bearing with low price and wide application. Deep groove ball bearings can be used in gearboxes, instrumentation, motors, household appliances, internal combustion engines, transportation vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, construction machinery, roller skates, yo-yo and so on.

The deep groove ball bearing has a simple structure and is easy to achieve higher manufacturing precision than other types, so it is easy to be mass-produced in series; the manufacturing cost is also low, and the axial load bearing is generally used when a large radial clearance is selected. The ability is increased and the contact angle is zero when subjected to pure radial force. When there is an axial force, the contact angle is greater than zero. Generally, a stamped wave cage is used, a solid cage is made of a car, and a nylon frame is sometimes used. In addition to the basic type, deep groove ball bearings also have various modified structures, such as: deep groove ball bearings with dust cover; deep groove ball bearings with rubber seals; deep groove ball bearings with snap grooves; Deep groove ball bearings with large load capacity of ball notches; double row deep groove ball bearings. But they all have the following common characteristics:

1. Each ferrule of the structure deep groove ball bearing has a continuous groove type raceway having a cross section approximately one third of the circumference of the ball. It is mainly used to withstand radial loads and can also withstand certain axial loads;

2. When the radial clearance of the bearing increases, it has the property of angular contact ball bearing and can bear the axial load alternating in two directions;

3, the friction is small, the rotation speed is high;

4, the structure is simple, the manufacturing cost is low, and the idle manufacturing achieves high manufacturing precision;

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