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Forklift combined track roller bearing, 4.054

Edit: Rihoo Industry (Hongkong) Co.,Limited    Date: Sep 28, 2016

Product Details


Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Forklift combined track roller bearing 4.054 

  • China forklift mast bearings

  • Self-lubricated and maintenance-free

  • Suitable for heavy load, low speed application

  • Chemical attack resistant

  • Solid lubricants-embedded 

  • High strength brass bearing is based on high strength brass alloy which is processed through unique high-tech cast technique

  • Anti-abrasion surfaces of the bearing are drilled proportionally and embedded with solid lubricants

  • Due to its high mechanical strength and hardness, it's broadly used for heavy load, low velocity application

  • There are carious solid lubricants available for different application, such as, SL-1 for general-purpose use, SL-4 for underwater or marine use

  • Exert excellent wear resistance where it's difficult of oil film to be formed during reciprocating, oscillating or frequently

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