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Non-standard bearing selection skills

Edit: Rihoo Industry (Hongkong) Co.,Limited    Date: Aug 31, 2018

The function of the Non-standard bearing fit is to consolidate the stationary and rotating rings of the bearing with the stationary part (usually the bearing seat) and the rotating part (usually the shaft) of the mounting part, thereby realizing the transfer of the load and the defined movement in the rotating state. The basic task of the system relative to the position of the stationary system. On the shaft and in the housing, the rolling bearing requires its position to be fixed in three directions: radial, axial and tangential directions. The radial and tangential positioning is achieved by the tight fit of the bearing ring. The axial positioning is only used in a few cases. The axial position is generally limited by axial limit parts such as end caps and retaining rings. Within the clearance range.

    Bearings are important accessories in machinery. They can also be said to be mechanical joints. Just like humans, if there is no joint, it will not work. If people have no joints, then what is the role? Then there is no use, the machine is the same, without the bearing, the machine can not be used, so the machine is inseparable from the bearing, leaving the bearing can not survive, it is equivalent to waste. The use of bearings is very complicated. Some rolling bearings need to be used together. This general technician knows the knowledge that we generally don't know. We will introduce the use and requirements of this rolling bearing. Also know the basis of your familiarity with the bearing.

    When choosing a fit, you should pay attention to the following four points:

    (1) The circumferential surface of the bearing ring should have good support and uniform force to reduce deformation and fully exert the bearing capacity of the bearing.

    (2) The ferrule cannot slide in the tangential direction in its mating surface, otherwise the mating surface will be damaged.

    (3) The free end bearing must be compatible with the length change of the shaft and the housing bore, that is, it must have the ability to accommodate the axial position to swim within a certain range.

    (4) It must be noted that the bearing is easy to install and disassemble, saving labor, time and money.


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