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Axial angular contact ball bearings, for screw mounting

Edit: Rihoo Industry (Hongkong) Co.,Limited    Date: Jul 26, 2016

Axial angular contact ball bearings, for screw mounting 

• The complete units are consisted of a single-piece outer ring, a two-piece inner ring, balls, cage assemblies and seals.

• Bearings are double direction angular contact ball bearings with a 60° contact angle in an O arrangement.

• can support axial loads from both directions as well as radial loads.

• are preloaded after assembly by a precision locknut.

• are protected from contamination by lip seals or gap seals.

• are greased with a lithium complex soap base grease to SHELL Alvania RL3.

• can be relubricated.

• are suitable for operating temperatures from -30°C to +120°C (limited by the grease, sealing ring material and the plastic ball cages).

• are precision bearings e.g. for use with screw drives.

• outer ring is suitable for flange mounting.

• lip seals or gap seals on both sides

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