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The importance of using deep groove ball bearing grease for stability

Edit: Rihoo Industry (Hongkong) Co.,Limited    Date: Nov 21, 2018

1. Anti-rust performance The anti-rust agent is preferably insoluble in water and has good adhesion. It can form an oil film on the surface of the steel.

2, mechanical stability If the mechanical stability of the oil is not enough, during the operation, the structure of the soap of the oil will mechanically disintegrate, causing the oil to be destroyed, thus losing the lubricating effect.

3. Oil seal oil seal is a necessary barrier to protect deep groove ball bearings and lubricants from external pollution. During the operation of TIMKEN bearings, no matter whether debris or moisture can penetrate into TIMKEN bearings, it will prevent damage.

4, mixed grease Do not mix incompatible grease, if two incompatible oils are mixed, usually the consistency will become soft, and finally the TIMKEN bearing damage may be caused by the easy loss of grease.

5. Classification of greases The consistency and lubricating ability of greases are affected by the working temperature. TIMKEN bearings operating at a certain temperature must select greases with the correct consistency and good lubrication at the same temperature. In general, the amount of grease filled in deep groove ball bearings always exceeds the actual required amount of direct participation in lubrication, in the cavity on the frame and in the bearing cover, and forms a contour on the periphery of the rolling element.

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