SGR Series Guide Rails


The SGR Series Rails Character :

•    SGR Rails are made from high quality, precision aluminum extrusions. Rc60 hardened shaft pressed into the extrusion to guarantee straightness. The block is on the inside of rails

•    SGR Series offer 3, 4 and 5 roller blocks in each size – allowing for 21 possibilities. Increase loading without increasing the package size

•    Double Row Angular Contact Bearings are allowing for accurate travel: 0.02mm over 6 meters

•    Rugged Plastic End Caps will protect against dust and debris for good performance


The SGR Series Rails Advantage :

1.       Smooth Running

2.       Quite Running

3.       Lightweight Aluminum Extrusion Design

4.       Adjustable Preload

5.       Plastic End Caps Clear Shafting of Debris

6.       High Speeds – Up to 10 Meters Per Second

7.       Easy Installation

8.       Low Cost Precision Performance