Key Factors of Noise in Angular Contact Ball Bearings

The outer ring of the angular contact ball bearing is a half-groove, and the solid holder is used, which can withstand axial and radial joint load. When using the axial preload, it is necessary to increase the axial preload to improve the axial rigidity and rotation accuracy, which is widely used in high precision. Machine spindle. The structural characteristics of the angular contact ball bearing determine the factors affecting its noise.
The angular contact ball bearing is mainly divided into a 7000C series of contact angle A = 15 degrees, a = 25 degree 70 0 0Ac series and a 7000 btn series of A = 4. In the past, the outer ring channel of our factory has been using polishing processes, and the roughness value of the ferrule surface is between 01 to 0.2 / an, and the finished bearing vibration value exceeds 7 o dB. After the channel refining process, the roughness of the channel surface is in 0.08 / AN, and the bearing bearing noise is significantly reduced, and the pass rate reaches 70%.