Track Roller Bearings With Sufficient Lubrication


Track Roller Bearings With sufficient lubrication

The importance of lubrication of track roller bearings and the description of lubrication roller roller bearings

The basic performance of track roller bearing lubricants

(1) has sufficient lubrication, that is, to reduce the friction of the track roller bearing and inhibit the track roller bearing harmful wear process, the friction resistance is small, anti-wear ability to be large.

(2) to prevent the crawler roller bearing corrosion, itself does not cause sliding track roller bearing components (such as copper cage, rubber seals, etc.) corrosion, deterioration or deformation.

(3) in the specified working temperature upper and lower limits, always maintain the necessary lubrication performance, chemical composition is stable, little change in viscosity.

(4) in the provisions of the upper and lower limits of the working speed range, can build a thick enough oil film; itself clean, free of impurities, defoaming good.

(5) within the required working period or within the shelf life, the physical properties and chemical properties are stable enough to cause a decrease in the quality of use.

(6) maintenance, maintenance and strive for simple, as little as possible ancillary devices.

Special method of lubricating track roller bearings

1, oil flow observation method

Take two cups, one of which contains the oil to be checked, the other empty on the table, will be full of lubricating oil cups away from the desktop 30-40 cm and tilt, so that the oil slowly flow to the empty cup In the observation of its flow, good quality lubricating oil flow should be slender, uniform, continuous, if the oil flow suddenly sooner or later, sometimes there is a large flow, then said the oil has deteriorated.

2, hand twist method

The lubricating oil twist in the thumb and the index finger between the repeated grinding, better lubricants feel lubricated, less debris, no friction, if the fingers between the sand and the like a greater sense of friction, then the oil Inside the impurities, should replace the new lubricants.

3, light method

In the sunny days, with a screwdriver to lift the oil, and the level of 45 degrees to the horizontal angle. Control the sun, observe the oil droplets, in the light, you can clearly see the oil in the absence of debris for the good, can continue to use, if too much debris, should replace the lubricating oil.

4, oil droplets traces

Take a clean white filter paper, drip a few drops on the filter paper, until the oil leakage, if the surface of a black powder, hand touch resistance to astringent sense, then the lubricants inside a lot of impurities, good lubricants No powder, hand touch dry and smooth, and was yellow traces.