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  • With many years’ experience and specialized equipment, we understand our customer’s design and application requirements which enables us to develop innovative linear guide products that offer new solutions to design engineers.


  • In the process of using the SKF bearings, we will occasionally fever, but we can't specifically know what is caused, so this time you need help, troubleshooting SKF's abnormal heating: To check the temperature at the time of SKF bearings, if the oil hole can be directly measured, the bearing outer ring temperature is used.


  • RIHOO is the Chinese manufacturer for the track roller bearings, to supply track roller bearings with different accuracy standards and material, and can under the customers’ requirements to bring up the solutions from design to manufacture.


  • A, single-railing angle contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings back to back mounting, between the two bearings, the length difference between the outer spacer is adjusted to adjust the preload (or gap).


  • Stiffness: The rigidity of the bearing is characteristic of the elastic deformation size under load. Since the rolling bodies are different from the roller contact, the rigidity of the roller bearing is larger than the ball bearing.


  • Joint load of angular contact ball bearings: Joint load refers to the simultaneous radial load and axial load.