Track Roller Bearings Rust Between Processes


Track Roller Bearings Rust between processes

Bearing anti-rust work is an important work, especially between the rust-proof process, like the bearing in the heat treatment plant after pickling, cleaning, grinding, there are many Road procedures. When the product is not used in the production of water, a sequential processing is necessary to be stored in the middle of the library, so the process of storage between the bearing rings must be rust.

Between the process of anti-rust commonly used methods are the following:

1. immersed in the rust-proof tank

The bearing sleeve immersed in 5% sodium nitrite and 0.6% sodium carbonate aqueous solution, rust effect is still good, but many anti-rust tank and other equipment, take up a lot of space, management is not convenient.

2. Dip thick sodium nitrite solution

After cleaning the product, immerse it in a solution containing 15% -20% sodium nitrite and 0.6% sodium carbonate and stack it up. Using this method of its rust-proof period is short, generally only to maintain 7-14 days, and in the rainy season, due to the weather is wet, can only stay 2-3 days

It must be re-processed, need to spend labor and money.

3. Oiling

Like anti-rust oil as the finished product. This method must be in the implementation of the next process before cleaning, more trouble.

Introduction of new anti - rust technology

After working with related manufacturers, many years of production practice shows that the rust between the process to make several improvements to the use of leaching rust-proof effect is better. The initial test of the anti-rust roller, semi-finished products and finished with a day with sodium nitrite water rinse once, 3 months after the test results did not find corrosion, and now on the bearing semi-finished products with leaching anti-rust, the effect is also true. Leaching spray rust-proof process is relatively simple, the method is as follows:

1. Purchase and construction of equipment

According to the number of semi-finished products stored, the establishment of a middle library, the ground with a concrete floor, the middle can be set up a walkway, about 1.5m, used to pass the bearing ring car. In the end of the channel put a storage of sodium nitrite water pool, solution formula for 5% -10% sodium nitrite plus 0.6% sodium carbonate, and do a good job on the ground back ditch, and then the bearing rings stacked on both sides of the floor On each pile of bearing rings between the 0.6m walkway. Can talk about the middle library design for 64m2 or so, the sodium nitrite water pool is 1m3.

2. Process method

Every morning with sodium nitrite water rinse once, the water from the pump sucked out from the pool, through the rubber pipe to the shower head, like a shower that rinse bearing rings. After washing the water solution from the backwater ditch back to the pool, in the back of the ditch at the end of the pool, with fine wire and gauze to do a filter to the textile dust into the pool. Intermediate library should be clean and clean.

The solution of the pool is tested every 2 days. According to the results of the test, the replacement period of the solution in the pool is carried out according to the different month, and the exchange is completed every 2 weeks in April and September, and the month is changed every month.

in conclusion

Leaching spray rust, more convenient management, but also save labor, the middle of the library with 2 people rust can not be completed, and now with a person can also do other work, from the anti-rust effect is also very significant. In March 2003 on the 7002136 and 3620 roller more than 4000 tablets, the use of leaching rust, nearly a year to maintain a very bright, no corrosion. In addition to the consumption of chemicals is also a great savings in the past, the monthly workshop to consume more than 4000 kilograms of sodium nitrite, and now only 200 kg, saving nearly half.

Leaching spray rust-proof method through the relevant manufacturers in recent years, the test and use, to prove that the large, large quantities, long cycle of semi-finished bearings is very suitable.