Wire Guides And Straightening Bearings Linear Motion System


Wire Guides And Straightening Bearings Linear motion system

Linear bearing is a linear motion system with low cost production, which is used for infinite travel and cylindrical axis. Due to the contact between the ball and the shaft, the load is small. A ball of steel spins with minimal friction resistance to achieve high precision movement.

Characteristics of the

Common line bearings are selected (20) straight line bearings are used in conjunction with the quenching line shaft. A system of infinite linear motion. Load rolling and quenching shaft because of the point contact, the allowable load is small, but the friction resistance is the least, the accuracy is high and the movement is fast.


(1) standard linear bearing, interstitial straitline, open-type straight line bearing, straight line bearing and universal linear bearing

(2) the flange linear bearing can be divided into: round flange type, method type, elliptical flange type, guided round flange, guiding method, guide the elliptical flange type, extended round flange type. According to the specification standard points: linear bearing is divided into two series of LM and LME series. Its code LM series used in Asia, southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, China, etc. In the metric system, the tolerance of the direct axis is h7. The LME series is used in Europe, USA, Germany and Italy. The standard size of the British system is also metric, and the distribution of the outer diameter of the direct axis is g6. The characteristics of the two series structures are different in size and size, and their structure is similar.

According to the shape of points:

1: a straight tube (shaped like a cylinder, which is usually installed with a card spring for a smaller installation)

2: flanges (the end or middle of the installation flange, can be installed with screws, flanged, round, square and cut sides)

3: open mouth (shaped like a straight tube, with an axial cut to the surface, used for interstitial adjustment, split open and small open 2)

According to the performance points:

Common (general performance requirements)

Supertype (long life and heavy load performance requirements)

USES linear bearing has been widely applied to electronics, food machinery, packaging machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, machinery, instrument, robots, tools, machinery, CNC machine tools, automobile and other general or special machinery industry. Linear guide bearing is a part of people's commonly known as, generally refers to the linear optical axis (including all kinds of flange linear bearing block), linear guide axis, linear guide rail sliding unit (including linear guide bearing components and flange type guide shaft bearing).