Precision Bearing Seatings


(1) the shaft and bore roundness and verticality of the abutment to follow the corresponding bearing precision requirements.

(2) precise calculation of rotating rings combined with interference, also the right tie to precise calculation of the fixed ring.

Rotating rings burning interference where possible should be made smaller. As long as the effective working temperature of thermal expansion effects, as well as maximum speed under the influence of centrifugal force, will not cause a tight fit creeping or sliding on the surface. Fixing ring based on work load and bearing size, select the minimum clearance or interference fit, too loose or too tight is not conducive to precise shapes.

(3) operate bearing in high speed conditions and high working temperature, should pay special attention to the rotating ring tie not too loose, to prevent the eccentric vibration, as well as the fixing ring combined with no gaps, in order to prevent vibration of ring distortion under load and excitation.

(4) on the fixed ring interference conditions are matched both surfaces have very high shape accuracy and low roughness, otherwise installation difficulty demolition caused more difficult, and in addition, you also need to consider the influence of spindle thermal elongation.

(5) using paired duplex angular contact ball bearing spindle, lighter loads, their interference such as large, its internal axial preload will be significantly larger, resulting in adverse effects. Using double row cylindrical roller bearings of spindle and spindle Taper roller bearing, its load is relatively large, so their interference is relatively large.