LSGD Series Guide Rails


LSGD Series Rails Character :

LSGD Series Rails are made from high quality and precision aluminum extrusions with hardened shafting the block will work on the outsider of rail

LSGD Series offers 2, 4, 6, 8 roller blocks in each size. You can choose different blocks according to your working loading requirement

The function and shape of LSGD rails and block is similar with OSG series, but the block is better than OSG series with good tightness

Double Row Angular Contact Bearings are allowing for accurate travel: 0.02mm over 6 meters

Rugged Plastic End Caps will protect against dust and debris for good performance

LSGD Series Rails Advantage :

1.       Smooth Running

2.       Quiet Running

3.       Lightweight Aluminum Extrusion Design

4.       Adjustable Preload

5.       Rugged Plastic End Caps Clear Shafting of Debris

6.       High Speeds – Up to 10 Meters Per Second

7.       Easy Installation

8.       Low Cost Precision Performance