Deep Groove Ball Bearings According To Structure


Deep Groove Ball Bearings According to structure

Deep groove ball bearings are very common types of rolling bearings. Its structure is usually composed of an outer ring, an inner ring, a group of steel balls and a set of cage. Deep groove ball according to the structure can also be divided into sealed deep groove ball and open deep groove ball two, which is open bearing without seal structure, sealed deep groove ball is divided into dust seal and oil seal, dust Sealing cap material for the steel plate stamping can play to prevent dust from entering the role of bearing raceway, and anti-oil type for the contact oil seal can effectively prevent the grease inside the bearing spill. Deep groove ball bearings can withstand both radial and axial loads. When it only bear radial load contact angle is zero, in the deep groove ball bearings with a large radial clearance with angular contact bearing performance can withstand greater axial load, deep groove ball bearing friction coefficient Small, high speed limit, it is simple structure and easy to achieve higher manufacturing accuracy compared with other types, these excellent features make this bearing in life is very common. Deep groove ball bearing how to make it a little longer? We can improve the bearing force The impact load on the bearing depends on the impulse on the rotor and the bearing support flexibility, increasing the bearing support flexibility, will reduce the impact on the bearing load. Therefore, a suitable thickness of the rubber sheet can be added between the bearing housing and the support frame to improve the bearing support flexibility. As a result of adding rubber plate, increased flexibility, which absorbs a part of the vibration energy, improve the bearing force situation, to achieve the purpose of extending the service life.

Deep groove ball bearings will be re-born, if the bearing the following defects, bearings can not be used, the need to replace the new bearings. It is inside and outside the ring, the rolling body, any one of the cracks in the crack; its inner and outer ring, the flow of any one of which has been stripped; its raceway surface, ribs, rolling a significant card injury; Its cage wear or sharp ripple loose; raceway surface, rolling body rust and scars; rolling surface, the rolling body has significant indentation and marks; inner ring diameter or diameter on the The sealing plate and the shield plate are severely damaged. Deep groove ball bearing failure Do not panic me to give you Weapon, if the bearing internal clearance is too small. It is the rapid rise in operating temperature: the bearing ring hole with the adapter sleeve too loose, the bearing easily loose due to the mating surface in the short term failure burned. Deep groove ball bearings with fault detection and troubleshooting methods and the nature of bearing load, as large bearings, the stock sometimes we in order to avoid loading, demolition difficult, can also be used to bear the rotation of the ring with the ring gap method. In this case, its axis to use hard materials, its surface carefully processed, and then add enough lubricant, a greater degree of prevention of damage caused by slip.