Non-Standard Bearings Poor Lubrication


Non-Standard Bearings Poor lubrication

Non-standard bearing early damage reasons

First, improper installation (about 16%)

1, the installation of brute force, with a hammer directly hit non-standard bearings on the non-standard bearing the greatest damage; is the main cause of deformation.

2, the installation is not in place, the installation of a deviation or not installed to non-standard bearing position, resulting in non-standard bearing clearance is too small. Inner and outer ring is not in the same rotation center, resulting in different heart.

Recommendation: Select the appropriate or professional non-standard bearing installation tools, installation to use a dedicated instrument to detect.

Second, poor lubrication (about 50%)

Poor lubrication is one of the main causes of premature failure of non-standard bearings. The main reasons include: not timely filling lubricants or lubricants; lubricants or lubricants are not filled in place; improper selection of lubricants or lubricants; lubrication is not correct and so on.

Recommendation: Select the correct lubricant or lubricant, using the correct lubrication filling method.

Third, pollution (about 14%)

Pollution will lead to premature damage to non-standard bearings, pollution is dust, metal chips into the non-standard bearings inside. The main reasons include: the use of too early to open non-standard bearing packaging, resulting in pollution; installation of the working environment is not clean, resulting in pollution; non-standard bearing working environment is not clean, working media pollution.

Recommendation: Before using the best not to open the non-standard bearing packaging; installation to keep the installation environment clean, to be used to clean the non-standard bearings; enhanced non-standard bearing seal. At present, China's economy continues to be stable and rapid development, the bearing industry is also constantly overcome the difficulties, grasp the domestic market, relying on cars, high-speed rail, shipbuilding, advanced manufacturing, IT and electronic appliances and other major emerging industries, Transformation as a key, unremittingly adjust the product structure, but also to the bearing bearing industry to achieve a steady trend.

China's exports of bearing products, the largest tonnage, but the added value is the lowest, so be sure to export products in the technical content of value-added efforts. After several years of industrial restructuring, restructuring and reorganization, the development of foreign bearing industry so that shocked. At present, China's bearing industry development environment is undergoing profound changes, long-term accumulation of deep-seated contradictions become increasingly prominent, extensive growth model unsustainable, has entered into the transformation and upgrading to promote industrial and rapid development of new stage. Transformation is to change the development mode, to the innovation-driven, endogenous growth, intensive and efficient, green low-carbon, domestic demand-led transformation; upgrade is to fully optimize the industry structure, organizational structure, technical structure, product structure, layout structure, promote the overall industrial structure Optimize the promotion. Through transformation and upgrading, to speed up the realization of the road from the traditional industrialization of the road to a new type of industrialization, improve China's bearing industry's core competitiveness and sustainable development capacity, to achieve scientific development.