Miniature Deep Groove Ball Bearings The Basic Piece Of Machinery


Miniature Deep Groove Ball Bearings The basic piece of machinery

Generally will know that the joint bearing is a basic part of the mechanical, in the industry play an important role. In China's joint bearing industry situation is what? Let's analyze it together!

It is understood that China's joint bearing production in a few decades ago has become the international joint bearing one of the major producing countries, occupy a certain dominant position. And China already has a certain economic scale, accounting for a part of the global bearing industry market share, ranking third in the world.

Production performance is also gratifying. But in terms of technology, compared with the world's joint bearing industry, there is a certain gap in technology. Mainly in the high-precision, high-tech and value-added products, the proportion of low, and the stability of the joint bearing products and a certain gap. These have to be further improved. But in general still can meet the needs of the national economy and national defense construction!

Overall, China's joint bearing industry or to meet the needs, but the technology is to further improve! Micro-deep groove ball bearings should be installed with gasoline or kerosene before cleaning, dry use, and to ensure good lubrication, micro-deep groove ball bearings are generally greased, can also be used oil lubrication. When using grease lubrication, should use no impurities, anti-oxidation, rust, extreme pressure and other excellent performance of the grease. Grease filling volume for the micro-deep groove ball bearings and micro-deep groove ball bearing box volume of 30% -60%, should not be too much. With a sealed structure of the micro-deep groove ball bearings have been filled with grease, the user can directly use, can not be cleaned.

Miniature deep groove ball bearings installed, the micro-deep groove ball bearings must be in the circle on the circumference of the circumference of the same pressure, the ring will be pressed, not only hammers and other tools directly hit the micro-deep groove ball bearing face, so as not to damage the micro Deep groove ball bearings. In the case of smaller interference, can be used at room temperature with a sleeve to suppress the micro-deep groove ball bearing ring end face, with the head of the sleeve, through the sleeve will be evenly pressed into the ring. If the installation of large quantities, can use hydraulic press. When pressed into, should ensure that the outer ring end face and the shell shoulder face, inner ring end and shaft shoulder face compression, do not agree with a gap.

1. Measure the size of the shaft and the miniature deep groove ball bearing bore to determine the precision of the miniature deep groove ball bearing. The matching requirements are as follows: The inner ring and the shaft take the interference fit, the interference amount is 0 ~ + 4μm (at light load , The high-precision when the 0); outer ring and micro-deep groove ball bearing hole to take the gap with the gap of 0 ~ +6μm (but in the free end of the micro-deep groove ball bearings using angular contact ball micro-deep groove ball bearings, also Can increase the gap); axis and seat surface roundness error of 2μm below, micro-deep groove ball bearings used in the end of the circle parallel to 2μm below the shoulder end of the outer surface of the beating in the 2μm below; Bearing seat hole on the axis of the beating in the 4μm below; spindle front cover of the inner side of the axis of the beating below 4μm.