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2018-08-07 Bearing type

All types of bearings used on the machine may be different, but their importance is the same, and in order to avoid premature failure of all types of bearings, there are the same maintenance and maintenance rules need to comply. Below the deep groove ball bearings manufacturers to introduce it.

First of all, to emphasize the cleanliness of the bearing, so the machine tool bearings before the inspection, you should first clean the bearing surface, and then remove the bearing around the parts. At this time to pay attention, the oil seal is a very fragile parts, inspection and disassembly to be extra careful, not excessive force, so as to avoid damage to parts.

Followed by the bearing lubrication, there is little need to remember, if it is imported bearings do not need to add too much grease. Finally, the need to pay attention to is to cover the exposed bearings, do not let the bearings directly exposed to pollutants or moisture environment, the bearing may be damaged. For bearings, the bearing ring is very important, it will directly affect the bearing performance. In order to avoid the bearing and therefore have some adverse effects, the need for careful inspection of the bearing rings to ensure product qualification. Bearing ring testing needs to be carried out gradually, the following deep groove ball bearing manufacturers to introduce it.

1, the detection of bearing rings need to be carried out under the light, then the appearance of the bearing rings and cracks in the location of a careful inspection. Such as the discovery of scratches and crush, scratches the phenomenon, will cause the bearing ring installation is poor, affecting the rotation of the bearing ring accuracy and the use of life.

2, the presence of corrosion and dirt, but also lead to the installation of the bearing ring is one of the main reasons for the bad, leading to a serious bearing rings directly scrapped. At the same time there can not be some skin and folding, in varying degrees will affect the bearing ring wear and collapse.

 3, but also check the bearing ring of the cage of the welding quality. Deep groove ball bearing inner and outer ring raceway are arc-shaped deep groove, channel radius slightly larger than the ball radius. Mainly used to bear the radial load, but also can withstand a certain axial load. When the radial clearance of the bearing increases, with angular contact ball bearing function, can withstand greater axial load, but also for high-speed rotation. Bearings in the shell hole and the axis of the relative tilt 8 '~ 16', can still work, but affect its service life. In the case of high speed and should not be used in the case of thrust ball bearings can be used to bear the kind of bearing pure axial load.

Deep groove ball bearings generally use a two-piece steel plate stamping cage, but large or high-speed bearings are used solid cage, the cage with the same as the stamping cage, high-speed deep groove ball bearings to maintain The frame is usually guided by an inner or outer rim.

Compared with other types of bearings of the same type, deep groove ball bearing friction coefficient is small, vibration and noise are also low, high speed limit, high precision, is the preferred type of bearing selection. However, such bearings are impatient and do not fit to bear heavy loads.

Deep groove ball bearings simple structure, easy to use, is the largest production volume, the most widely used a class of bearings. Widely used in automobiles, home appliances, machine tools, motors, pumps, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, and many other areas. Its output accounted for more than 70% of the total output of bearings, is China's highest yield, the most common use of the cheapest price of a class of bearings.