Miniature Deep Groove Ball Bearings Industry Development


Miniature Deep Groove Ball Bearings Industry development

Bearing industry development is indeed facing some unfavorable factors

First, the automotive, agricultural machinery, home appliances and other market volatility will have a certain impact on the development of the bearing industry. Raw material prices and labor costs in 2011 is expected to show a rally, so as to bring some pressure on the cost of the enterprise.

Second, the RMB exchange rate will generally be on the rise, the general bearing and mid-range bearing products will further weaken the competitiveness of bearing products, the pressure will gradually increase exports, bearing product imports will increase.

Third, by the rapid and steady development of China's economy, international multinational bearing companies have accelerated the pace of expansion in China's construction, high-end bearing market competition will be more intense. 1, China's bearing industry production concentration is low. In the world bearing about 40 billion US dollars in sales, the world's eight major multinational companies accounted for 75% to 80%. Germany's two major companies accounted for 90% of its total, Japan 5 accounted for 90% of its total, the United States a total of 56% of its total. China's Wazhou 7 annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan of bearing enterprises, sales accounted for only 28.3% of the industry.

2, China's bearing industry research and development and innovation ability is low. As most enterprises in the innovation system construction and operation, research and development and innovation of capital investment, talent development is still at a low level, coupled with industry-oriented scientific research institutes to the enterprise, the state has no industry common technology research Investment, thus weakening the industry-oriented research and development functions. Therefore, the whole industry, "two weak two" prominent, that is, weak theoretical research, participation in international standards to develop weak, less original technology, less patented products. At present, our design and manufacturing technology is basically a simulation, decades of consistent system. Product development capacity is low, the performance: Although the domestic host matching rate of 80%, but high-speed railway passenger cars, high-end cars, computers, air conditioners, high-level rolling mill and other important host supporting and maintenance of bearings, basically by imports. China's bearing industry manufacturing technology is low. China's bearing industry manufacturing process technology and technology development is slow, low CNC machining rate, grinding processing automation level is low, the country only 200 automatic production lines. Most enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises as the main production is still the traditional equipment. On the bearing life and reliability of the important advanced heat treatment process and equipment, such as the control atmosphere to protect the heating, double refinement, bainite quenching and other low coverage, many technical problems failed to achieve a breakthrough. Bearing steel new steel research and development, steel quality improvement, lubrication, cooling, cleaning and abrasive, abrasive abrasive and other related technology research and development, still can not meet the bearing product level and quality requirements. As a result, the process capability is low, the consistency is poor, the product processing size is large, the inherent quality of the product is unstable and the bearing accuracy, performance, life and reliability are affected.