Miniature Deep Groove Ball Bearings Outside Diameter Range


Miniature Deep Groove Ball Bearings Outside diameter range

Mini high-speed miniature deep groove ball bearings have a big effect

  Deep groove ball bearings are the most common bearing in a class of bearings. Ordinary like Xiaobian in the street will not be more people to look at, but this ordinary bearing play the role is not ordinary, today we give you a high-speed miniature deep groove ball bearings bearing a member of this bearing. Deep groove ball bearings in the diameter range of 26mm below the bearing known as the high-speed micro-deep groove ball bearings, 26mm length is almost half of the fingers just about it. In the installation of the time available when the press will be the first bearing on the shaft pressure, pad a circle of soft metal assembly casing can make the bearing outer ring and bearing seat hole with the inner ring and the shaft with the loose when the bearing pressure Into the bearing hole, the structure of the casing when the need to simultaneously compress the bearing inner and outer ring end face. High-speed miniature deep groove ball bearings head Although the small skills are big, this small bearing in the motorcycle but an indispensable part of it!

 Deep groove ball bearing how to make it a little longer? We can improve the bearing force The impact load on the bearing depends on the impulse on the rotor and the bearing support flexibility, increasing the bearing support flexibility, will reduce the impact on the bearing load. Therefore, a suitable thickness of the rubber sheet can be added between the bearing housing and the support frame to improve the bearing support flexibility. As a result of adding rubber plate, increased flexibility, which absorbs a part of the vibration energy, improve the bearing force situation, to achieve the purpose of extending the service life.

Deep groove ball bearings will be re-born, if the bearing the following defects, bearings can not be used, the need to replace the new bearings. It is inside and outside the ring, the rolling body, any one of the cracks in the crack; its inner and outer ring, the flow of any one of which has been stripped; its raceway surface, ribs, rolling a significant card injury; Its cage wear or sharp ripple loose; raceway surface, rolling body rust and scars; rolling surface, the rolling body has significant indentation and marks; inner ring diameter or diameter on the The sealing plate and the shield plate are severely damaged.

 Deep groove ball bearings can be simplified, single row deep groove ball bearings can withstand radial and axial load, and allow high speed. Deep groove ball bearings are not split. Sealed deep groove ball bearings are maintenance-free and can simplify the structure. As the deep groove ball bearings self-aligning ability is limited, so the need for bearing seat concentricity is good, concentricity will affect the balance of operation, increase bearing stress, thereby shortening the bearing life. Deep groove ball bearings can only allow a small deflection angle, which also depends on the load size. Deep groove ball bearings are widely used in a wide range of applications.