Deep Groove Ball Bearings On The Base Component


Deep Groove Ball Bearings On the base component

Deep groove ball bearings can be said to belong to a class of rolling bearings, is a mechanical application at this stage in the versatility is very strong, while the basic components is also a high degree of standardization, serialization characteristics.

Deep groove ball bearings in the operation of the friction is defined as the operation between the shaft and the shaft between the long-term operation due to the sliding friction change is a rolling friction, so that a good reduction of the bearing due to friction and damage, Can be said to be a very sophisticated mechanical components.

And then in the mechanical equipment used in the application of different equipment in the working mode and working conditions are very different, which determines the bearing components in the carrying capacity, structure and usability, etc. have made different The use of equipment requirements. So the bearing will appear a variety of structural features.

Deep groove ball bearings can be said to be the most widely used in a bearing product, which in the composition of the composition by the inner ring, outer ring, steel ball, cage, grease, seals and other related components of. The same time as

Deep groove ball bearing inner and outer ring raceway are arc-shaped deep groove, channel radius slightly larger than the ball radius. Mainly used to bear the radial load, but also can withstand a certain axial load. When the radial clearance of the bearing increases, with angular contact ball bearing function, can withstand greater axial load, but also for high-speed rotation. Bearings in the shell hole and the axis of the relative tilt 8 '~ 16', still can work, but affect its service life. In the case of high speed and should not be used in the case of thrust ball bearings can be used to bear the kind of bearing pure axial load.

Deep groove ball bearings generally use a two-piece steel plate stamping cage, but large or high-speed bearings are used solid cage, the cage with the same as the stamping cage, high-speed deep groove ball bearings to maintain The frame is usually guided by an inner or outer rim.

Compared with other types of bearings of the same type, deep groove ball bearing friction coefficient is small, vibration and noise are also low, high speed limit, high precision, is the preferred type of bearing selection. However, the kind of bearing impatient impact, not suited to bear the heavy load.