Miniature Deep Groove Ball Bearings Poor Lubrication


Miniature Deep Groove Ball Bearings Poor lubrication

First, improper installation (about 16%)

  1, installation

  When using brute force, with a hammer directly hit the bearing bearing the greatest damage; is the main cause of deformation.

  2, the installation is not in place, installed with a deviation or not installed in the bearing position, resulting in bearing clearance is too small. Inner and outer ring is not in the same rotation center, resulting in different heart.

  Recommendation: Select the appropriate or professional bearing installation tool, the installation is complete with a special instrument to detect.

Second, poor lubrication (about 50%)

  Poor lubrication is one of the main causes of premature bearing damage. The main reasons include: not timely filling lubricants or lubricants; lubricants or lubricants are not filled in place; improper selection of lubricants or lubricants; lubrication is not correct and so on.

  Recommendation: Select the correct lubricant or lubricant, using the correct lubrication filling method.

Third, pollution (about 14%)

  Pollution will lead to premature bearing damage, pollution is dust, metal chips into the bearing inside. The main reasons include: open before the use of bearing packaging, resulting in pollution; installation of the working environment is not clean, resulting in pollution; bearing the working environment is not clean, working media pollution.

  Recommendation: Before using the best not to open the bearing packaging; installation to keep the installation environment clean, to use the bearings to be cleaned; to enhance the bearing seal.

  Bearing the manufacture of a series of strict work processes, today to focus on the introduction of which is the most critical of several links.

  The first will be involved is the casting link, which is to ensure that the use of bearing reliability and an important part of life, because the raw materials must be after forging to form the bearing ring blank. In addition, the forging process will also have a direct impact on the utilization of raw materials, and thus the production costs caused no small impact.

  Followed by heat treatment, that is, will be forged, after the car processing of the bearing ring for high temperature treatment, to improve the wear resistance and hardness of the bearing play a role. Finally, the grinding process, in order to ensure the accuracy of forming the bearing, grinding is one of the essential processes.

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