Performance And Characteristics Of Spindle Bearing


Performance and characteristics of spindle bearing

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Spindle bearing is used as a special bearing for spinning, and its structure is more special. It adopts the inner circle single column to the heart short cylindrical roller structure, is the high speed precision bearing with the pure radial load. The overall bearing after assembly is still open, considering the need for assembly, packaging, transportation and reassembly of users. Spindle bearing is currently used in a special kind of anti-rust oil. It not only has good anti-rust performance, but also ensures that the bearing is not easy to be separated when entering the final user assembly. Because of the single-row centripetal cylindrical roller, the series bearing is rigid and bearing large radial load. High precision, flexible and stable rotation, low noise and high speed. Simple structure and low power consumption; The maintenance is more convenient.

At present, the execution standard of spindle bearing series products is still: FZ/T92025-1994 "DZ series spindle bearing" textile industry standard. The new type of reinforced nylon material has the following characteristics: first, it is used in engineering plastics - PA66 glass fiber reinforced nylon material. The second is to adopt injection molding method, the maintenance of the shelf is better, the size and the stability of the shape; The third is the use of nylon material to maintain a certain self-lubricating function; Four is to optimize the design of the hole structure, which can reduce the swing amplitude of the roller in the high-speed operation, thus reducing the noise to a certain extent.

Proper use of spindle bearing

First of all, bearing assembly hole size, shape and accuracy, bearing will be affected by its influence, can not play the best performance. For example, if the hole size accuracy and shape precision are not good enough to cause the bearing outer ring deformation, the internal hole of the bearing is deteriorated. If the accuracy of the shoulder is not good, the bearing outer ring and roller tilt will be generated, and the concentrated load will be increased, so that the fatigue life of the bearing will decrease, which will lead to the failure of the bearing and the sintering. If the bearing inner ring of the precision of the spindle blade bearing retainer is bad, such as size, roundness, cylindricity, waviness and roughness, location, degree of accuracy, can also lead to a complete set of spindle vibration value increase significantly.

Secondly, the complete set of bearings is carefully selected before assembly, so the parts of the bearings are not interchangeable before they are used.

Third, the cleaning of spindle bearing and spindle. Because of the compact foot structure and many other parts in the spindle, the cleanliness of the spindle can also affect the cleanliness of the working cavity. Therefore, it is a reasonable process for the assembly to be used for pre-cleaning of the spindle parts and assembly assembly.

Fourth, the bearing should not be affected by bumps and shocks during assembly, and the collision and impact of the bearing can easily cause the collision between the bearing parts, resulting in the bearing failure.

Fifth, when the bearing roll is on the edge, it should be careful to control the Angle and force of the roll, so as to avoid the distortion of the bearing part due to improper curling.

Sixthly, for bearings that have already exceeded rust or have longer storage time, they may develop rust or stick to death due to the drying of anti-rust oil.

Proper maintenance and maintenance of bearings

First of all, the spindle bearing in the spindle should be fully lubricated during operation, and the oil should be lubricated periodically according to the actual condition. Therefore, for the user enterprise, should choose better, more suitable spindle oil. The new type of special spindle oil can obviously improve the lubricating performance, extend the oil cycle, prolong the life of spindle and bearing, and also have better antirust and anti-corrosion properties.

Secondly, using reinforced nylon material cage bearing, using temperature should be lower than 120 ℃, it is strictly prohibited to cooking oil to clean. In addition, the spindle should pay attention to the method to prevent damage and scratch roller surface. In order to remove the residue of the bearing site, it is better to wash and pump the oil in the foot of the spindle. It is important to avoid the use of dumping and the accumulation of garbage in the bearing site, causing the bearing to produce noise, wear failure and so on.