Non-Standard Bearings Mainly Includes


Non-Standard Bearings Mainly includes

English non-standard bearing editors

English non-standard bearing: it refers to the general term of a type of bearing which is expressed in the form dimension and tolerance. The English non-standard bearing is customized according to the drawing. Mainly include carbon steel base without sleeves to oil, bronze base without sleeves to oil, bronze coiling axle sleeve, boundary lubrication shaft sleeve, solid lubrication shaft sleeve, bimetal bushings, no flattering to the tao, bearing special automatic packing machine, large bearings, oil-free lubrication bearing, SF - 1 SF - 2 boundary lubrication of bearings, JDB solid Mosaic bearings, FB090 / FT090 bronze bearings, FZ linear bearings, JF - 800 bimetallic bearing, FD filled ptfe tape, FR ptfe soft belt bearing, high speed movement within the (outside) threaded rod end joint bearing assembly, bending the rod ball head rod end joint bearing, due to its shape dimension is different from the standard provisions of the state of all bearings, so this kind of bearing of the low degree of commonality, generally applied for special equipment, special occasions, small batch, new research and development equipment products accounted for most of the trial; But because of its non-scale, quantitative production, production enterprises are not much, the cost is high, the price is more expensive.

Non-standard bearing anti-rust method edit

I. surface cleaning method:

1. Surface cleaning: the cleaning must be based on the properties of the surface of the anti-rust and the conditions at that time, and select the appropriate method. Commonly used solvent cleaning method, chemical treatment cleaning method and mechanical cleaning method.

Available after 2, dry surface clean filter dry compressed air blow dry, or in 120 ~ 170 ℃ dryer for drying, also can use clean cloth to wipe dry.

2. Methods of coating anti-rust oil:

1. Immersion method: some small articles are used in the anti-rust oil to make the surface adhere to a coating of anti-rust grease. Oil film thickness can be achieved by controlling the temperature or viscosity of anti-rust grease.

2. Brush painting is used for outdoor building equipment or special shape products that are not suitable for soaking or spraying. When brushing, you should not only pay attention to the accumulation, but also prevent leakage.

Some large anti-rust items of spray method cannot be applied with immersion method, and the air is usually sprayed in the air by filtering compressed air with approximately 0.7 Mpa pressure. The spray method is suitable for solvent diluent anti-rust oil or thin layer of anti-rust oil, but it must adopt perfect fire prevention and labor protection measures.

The inner diameter or outer diameter of the standard bearing, width (high), dimensions conform to GB/T 273.1-2003, GB/T 273.2-1998, GB/T 273.3-1999, or other relevant standard specifications of bearing dimensions.

Size is non-standard bearing and standard bearing structure does not belong to the table on the non-standard bearing, which is according to the customer request production of bearings, for example. 49 what standard of 50 other non-standard inside and outside are the same. The 49 is non-standard According to the customer the book than the size of the structure Or you know is 49 national standard or 50.

There are different structures. For example, there are more ball rolls. Or less. This is rare

General universal name is non-standard bearing