Swash Bearings Cleaning Method


Swash Bearings Cleaning method

The motor is usually cleaned and refuelled after using 2000 hours. There are two kinds of cleaning methods for bearing:

A, hot oil cleaning method Due to the use of long, soft dry oil or rust cream hardening bearing, should dip in 100-200 ℃ hot oil, clamp bearing with forceps, brush with wool clean oil bearing. Soft dry oil or rust paste is heated to 100-200 ℃ is melt, it is easy to flush out from a crack in the bearing. Sometimes it just shakes the bearings several times in the oil. The oil will also flow through the cracks. In cleaning the old motor or import the centripetal spherical bearing of the motor, you should put the ball, pearl frame transverse transfer from the outer ring, internal ring into hot oil, again after a short cylindrical roller bearing when cleaning roller, beads, also should be the inner ring and outer ring off.

In the hot oil when cleaning, the oil temperature should not exceed 20 ℃. If the flame is heated directly, it should be noted that the oil is not burned, the bearings are suspended in the oil pan, and the bottom will cause overheating and reduce the hardness. Second, the cleaning method Put the bearing soak 5-10 minutes of kerosene to squeeze the inner ring with one hand, another hand turn the outer ring, bearing on the dry oil or rust cream will fall down. Then put the bearing into the cleaner in kerosene, with soft hair brush to wash, the ball and the gap in the wash oil, put them in gasoline cleaning, put out with clean paper. When the ball bearings and short cylindrical roller bearings are cleaned, the ball, bead, inner ring and outer ring should be removed and cleaned.

The cleaning of the bearing on the shaft, which is mainly relied on oil or oil gun injection, is easy to clean off the oil before using kerosene and petrol. Difficult to clean off of oil, first in 100-200 ℃ hot oil leaching or oil gun spraying, and then clean with gasoline. It is important to note that don't use a sharp tool to scrape: bearing oil dirties or corrosion of hard, in order to avoid damage to the bearings and roller slot ring parts of the finish and clean the bearing with a clean dry cloth.

The removal of a bearing's cover is generally used for bearing the C ring, which is easy to disassemble but is slightly less effective. Looking for a needle to pick out the C ring the bearing cover can be unloaded, general slack off a little down side Is enclosed and a bearing cap, this kind of bearing only with destructive way bearing cover can be removed. Using a sharp knife and pointed pliers to remove the bearing lid, as long as the bearings are not damaged, the bearing can only be removed.