Non-Standard Bearings And Standard Bearings Of The Difference


Non - standard bearings

That is, non-standard bearings, popular speaking, is not in line with national standards of the size of the bearings, that is, the size of the national standard is different from all the bearings.

The main features are low versatility, mostly special equipment, special occasions, small batch, new research and development equipment trial products accounted for the majority; but because of its non-scale, mass production, production enterprises and not much, the cost is high , The price is more expensive.

Standard bearings

Standard bearing diameter or outside diameter, width (height), size in line with GB / T 273.1-2003, GB / T 273.2-1998, GB / T 273.3-1999 or other relevant standards of bearing size.

Non-standard bearings and standard bearing size is not on the non-non-standard non-standard bearings, that is, according to customer requirements for the production of bearings, for example. Non-standard internal and external 49 standard 50 other what are the same. That 49 belongs to the non-standard you have to press the customer's book size structure than otherwise you know 49 is the national standard or 50.

There are different structures. For example, some steel ball roller and more. Or less. This is rare

Generally can be generic full name is non-standard bearings