Chinese Bearing Prices Decreased With Almost 6%


By: Editor BearingNEWS

February 20, 2017

According to data from, China’s export of bearing products in 2016 reached approximately 5.4 billion sets, totally valued $3.506942 billion, with the annual average price of exported bearing $0.65 / set, down 5.96% over 2015.

Following are the quantities of exported bearing by month in China in 2016:



Following is the price trend of exported bearing in China since 2015:



Due to the limitation of capital, technology, human resources, research capability, etc., bearing enterprises in China are great in number yet mostly small in scale, and compete with each other mainly on the low- and mid-end market. As the low- and mid-end bearing products occupied the main bearing export , export enterprises in China, as a result of the fierce competition, dramatically cut their prices to seize the market share.

At present, in order to develop and produce high-end products, bearing manufacturers in China keep increasing investment in the production equipment, the testing equipment and the development of production lines etc., introduce overseas advanced production technology and upgrade equipment in technology, making bearing products close to or up to the international advanced level in quality and stepping into international high-end markets as top bearing manufacturers.