The Basic Structure Of Deep Groove Ball Bearings


1, under normal conditions, efficiency and liquid power lubrication of rolling bearings bearings, but higher than mixed lubrication bearings;

2, impact load carrying capacity is poor;

3, radial clearance smaller radial preload of angular contact bearing preload to eliminate clearance available, high running accuracy;

4, high speed heavy-load bearing life is rather low;

5, the same size of shaft diameter, width smaller than the sliding of rolling bearings, axial compact machines;

6, vibrations and noise;

7, the majority of rolling bearings is affected by both radial and axial loads, bearing structure is simple;

8, big radial size than plain bearings;

9, less lubricant consumption, easy to seal, easy to maintain;

10, does not need to be useful for non-ferrous metals;

11, the high degree of standardization and mass production, low cost;