P4 Roller Chain-Faster, More Quiet, Less Power Consumption

P4 "wheel drag chain system is the latest IGUS to achieve" green "Automation research and development. P4 chain was originally intended to achieve the application of high-speed container crane, meet up to 800 meters trip speed of 10 m/s or higher, and requires up to 10 kilograms/meters high load applications. Now, it has been used successfully around the world for three years. The "P4" drag chain Kit will now "green" Automation concept and extend it to the small size of the application, such as "P4.32" and "P4.42". This wheel solution is to drag chain sliding energy saving effect, IGUS Development Manager Andreas Hermey says: "at 3 m/s, especially in the running speed of 3.5 mph, advantage is obvious". Because if you use a roller chain, compared with the sliding friction coefficient of rolling friction would be 75%, means that reduced the power of 57% (not only is friction, inertia and drag and weight of the chain of things considered). Secondly, no increase in noise levels on the basis of a number of processes can be performed faster speeds and better acceleration.