Needle Roller Bearings, Main Uses


Roller bearings, under normal circumstances the bearing capacity of large installation size size limitation can be applied to a variety of support structure. Before installation of the bearing, will usually inject the right amount of grease. So under normal circumstances, after the installation is complete, users do not need to separately add lubricating oil. Products cover closed, have been able to play a role in sealing, and are less capable of withstanding axial sliding under the environment. This product, also have relatively longer life, respected by many users.

As bearing a similar roller bearing and can also withstand high loads, can bear the load of external shocks. But the structure is more compact and diverse, running and the running accuracy is relatively high, have more variety on the market, and more simple to install. In the modern enterprise in the production process, is widely used in various industries, such as machine tools, metallurgical and other industries.