Specific Models Of Control, Guide Bearings, Roller Bearings, Load Table


1. Guide roller bearing linear guide roller LFR series: LFR5302 KDD, LFR5302, NPP, and LFR5201-KDD, and LFR5201-NPP, and LFR5201-14KDD, and LFR5201-14NPP, and LFR5204-16KDD, and LFR5204-16NPP, and LFR5206-20KDD, and LFR5206-20NPP, and LFR5206-25KDD, and LFR5206-25NPP、 LFR5207-30KDD、 LFR5207-30NPP、 LFR5208-40KDD、 LFR5208-40NPP

2. SG series of guide roller: SG10, LFR50/4NPP, SG15, SG5RS, and SG15-10, and SG15-1, SG20, SG6RS, and SG20-1, SG25, SG8RS, and SG25-1, SG35, SG12RS

3. LR series roller bearings – high-precision double-row angular contact ball bearing: LR ... ... KDD,3057....,3067.....,3058....,3068,LR200 NPPU(361200R)361201R(LR201NPPU)361202R(LR202NPPU)

361203R(LR203NPPU)361204R(LR204NPPU)3612050R(LR205NPPU)(361206R)LR206NPPU、361207R=LR207NPPU LR208 NPPU=361208R

4. Series LV bearings can be widely used for cylindrical guide rails or 120 ° v-shaped guides: LV 20/7 ZZ, and LV 20/8 ZZ, and LV20/10ZZ, and LV 202-38 ZZ, and LV 202-40 ZZ, and LV 201 ZZ, and LV 201-14.2RS, and LV 202-41 ZZ, and LV 203 ZZ, and LV 204-57 ZZ, and LV 204-58 ZZ

5. Guide roller bearing is the w-wheels: W0,W1,W2,W3,W4,W0X,W1X,W2X,W3X,W4X,W4XL,W4XXL,W1SSX,W2SSX,W3SSX,W4SSX

6. V-oriented alignment wheel (straighten wheels)-and AT a series of bearing:A507.2ZA507.2RSA603.2ZA603.2RSA806.2ZA806.2RSA1001.2ZA1001.2RSA1002.2ZA1002.2RSA1500.2ZA1500.2RSAT8E00*

7. LR5200 series double-row angular contact ball bearings with cylindrical cylindrical or conical cylindrical guideway rollers 305700ZZ=LR5200KDD 305701ZZ=LR5201NPPU 305702ZZ=LR5202NPPU 305703ZZ=LR5203NPPU 305704ZZ=LR5204NPPU

305705ZZ=LR5205NPPU 305706ZZ=LR5206NPPU 305707ZZ=LR5207NPPU 305708ZZ=LR5208NPPU 305800ZZ=LR5200KDDU305801ZZ=LR5201KDDU305802ZZ=LR5202KDDU 305803ZZ=LR5203KDDU

305804ZZ=LR5204KDDU 305804-2RSR=LR5204NPPU 305805ZZ=LR5205KDDU

305805-2RSR=LR5205NPPU 305806ZZ=LR5206KDDU 305807ZZ=LR5207KDDU 305808ZZ=LR5208KDDU