What Are The Types Of Deep Groove Ball Bearing Specifications?


1. Deep groove ball bearings with dust cover Standard D-type deep groove ball bearings with Z-type and 2Z type, one side with dust cover is Z type, and the other side with dust cover is 2Z type.

The bearing with dust cover is difficult to use for separate lubrication. Under the condition that the lubricating oil road is installed and the inspection condition is inconvenient, the bearing has been filled with the quantitative, fixed rust and lubrication lithium grease. The amount of grease injected into each bearing is usually between one quarter and one third of the effective space in the bearing, and the amount of grease can be increased or decreased according to user requirements. The injected grease usually ensures that the bearing operates at -40 to +120 °C. If the user has higher requirements for the bearing, other properties, grades of grease can also be filled according to the situation. Bearings with dust caps can be effectively worked for a long time after grease filling, without the need to add grease during use.

The bearing with dust cover is mostly used for small and medium-sized generators, both ends of the rotor of the motor, cars, tractors, air conditioners, fans, etc., as well as occasions where the noise vibration of the bearing is particularly required.

2, deep groove ball bearing with sealing ring Standard type deep groove ball bearing with sealing ring has contact type sealed bearing RSR type (one side seal), 2RSR type (two side seal) and non-contact type sealed bearing ZR type (one side seal) , 2ZR type (two-sided seal).

The performance of the bearing with the seal ring is basically the same as that of the bearing with the dust cover. The difference is that there is a large gap between the dust cover with the dust cover bearing and the inner ring, and the gap between the sealing lip and the inner ring of the non-contact seal bearing is small, and the sealing lip of the contact seal bearing is There is no gap between the inner rings, the sealing effect is good, but the friction is increased.

In the case of low noise requirements, the smaller size deep groove ball bearings of the 60 and 62 series are used. Regardless of open bearings, bearings with dust caps or seals, low noise and low vibration requirements can be placed when ordering. In China's JB (Mechanical Industry Standard), the vibration allowable values of the three frequency bands of V1, V2, and V3 are specified.

3, deep groove ball bearing with stop groove and retaining ring standard type deep groove ball bearing with retaining groove, rear code N, bearing groove with bearing ring bearing code It is NR, in addition to ZN, ZNR and other structural variants.

In addition to the function of the deep groove ball bearing to withstand the radial load, the retaining groove and the bearing with the retaining ring can limit the axial displacement of the bearing, simplify the axial structure of the bearing seat and reduce the axial dimension.

Bearings with a retaining groove and a snap ring are often used in working parts such as automobiles and tractors where the axial load is not large.

1, open bearings refer to bearings without any sealing cover.

2, the same size bearing, customers can choose different materials, grades.

3, the following dimensions are the basic dimensions of bearings according to international standards, if the customer has different requirements, we can customize.

4, the same bearing has a variety of different code and name, please confirm the size of the bearing you need.