Custom Bearings Made From Special Materials


Besides high precision bearings and radial deep groove ball bearings , RIHOO produces special bearings, matched bearings with spacers and oil supply rings as well as bearing units ready to install.

These bearings are made either from standard bearing steel 100 Cr6 or from special material like high temperature tool steel or non-corrosive steel AISI 440C.

Standard bearings with different dimensions or outlines are available on request.

The cages of these bearings are produced in accordance to the inner design of the bearing and corresponding to the application either standard materials or special materials like VESPEL, TORLON, aluminum, bronze or NiBe2 are used.

Bearing units

It becomes more and more important to support the customers not only in developing efficient products and system solutions but also in manufacturing sub assemblies. Therefore, RIHOO extended the production range to offer complete bearing units ready to install


These units develop from the customer¹s knowledge of product requirements and RIHOO¹s experience in high precision machining.

In addition, RIHOO can apply on the bearings various coatings like solid lubricants or wear protection layers.

To produce special bearings or bearing units, economic lot sizes are required.