Basic Information of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Imported deep groove ball bearings are mainly used to receive pure radial loads, and can also receive radial and axial loads at the same time. When it only receives pure radial load, the contact angle is zero.When the deep groove ball bearing has a larger radial clearance, it has the function of an angular contact bearing and can receive a larger axial load. The conflict coefficient of deep groove ball bearings is very small, and the limit speed is also very high. The unique feature is that deep groove ball bearings are more superior than thrust ball bearings under high-speed operating conditions with large axial loads.
The deep groove ball bearing is a representative rolling bearing with ordinary uses. It is suitable for high-speed and even extremely high-speed operation, and it is quite durable, without the usual care. This type of bearing has a small conflict coefficient, high limit speed, simple structure, low manufacturing cost, and high manufacturing accuracy easily.