How to install track roller bearings

1. Wash the track roller bearing with kerosene, press it into the bearing seat, fill the roller of the bearing outer ring with shell No. 3 lithium grease to two-thirds full, apply it evenly with clean hands, install NTN bearing gland, and press the bearing gland with fastening bolts coated with bolt locking glue;

2. The track roller bearing is a cylindrical roller bearing with separable inner and outer sleeves. The bearing shall be sleeved on the rotating shaft and in place;

3.Install the track roller bearing seat on the casing. If there is a grease filling hole, it must be aligned with the position. Tighten the bearing seat with the fastening bolt coated with bolt locking glue;

4.The inner and outer eccentric blocks are installed on the rotating shaft and in place. If there is a shaft key, install the shaft key into the keyway, then install the outer eccentric block, and install the shaft on the rotating shaft with a retaining ring;

5.Tighten the fastening bolts of the fixed eccentric block, rotate the adjustable eccentric block to reach the angular position before removal, and tighten the fastening bolts. After the above assembly, the rotating shaft shall have certain axial series movement;

6.Install the protective covers at both ends of the vibration motor and fasten them with screws.