Miniature Deep Groove Ball Bearings Bearing Industry


Miniature Deep Groove Ball Bearings Bearing industry

Bearing industry big but not strong lack of technical core competitiveness

Bearing is the strategic material of the national economy, is the key to the equipment manufacturing industry. With the mechanization and automation of the innovative application of the increase in the use of the bearing, at present, China's bearings have formed a larger economic scale, the industry-wide bearing production in 2010 15 billion units, sales of 126 billion yuan, ranking the world's first The The same time as

Although China's bearing industry development scale is large, most concentrated in the low end, due to the development mode, industrial structure, independent innovation and brand building and other aspects of the contradictions and problems in the high-end areas, compared with the developed countries there is still a considerable gap The China's bearing industry is not strong, and the world bearing a big gap there is a strong.

"Mechanical basic parts, basic manufacturing technology and basic materials industry," second five "development plan" clearly put forward, will drive strong, large radiation effects of high-speed, precision, heavy-duty bearings and other mechanical base pieces as "second five" development Of the key industries to improve performance, reliability and life as the main direction, and strive to achieve or close to the international advanced level. Also pointed out that in policy support, by 2015, the bearing industry sales will reach 222 billion yuan, the industry average annual growth rate will be between 12% -15%, including high-speed, precision, heavy load and other high-end bearings growth The speed will be faster. To achieve this growth rate, the bearing industry must be upgraded to upgrade, in technology, product quality, brand image and other aspects to enhance.

Enhance the ability of independent innovation

The lack of independent innovation of endogenous power and vitality is the problem of most enterprises in our country, the reconstruction of technological innovation system is imminent, to enterprises as the mainstay, market-oriented, combining production and research, the introduction of external intelligence, so that enterprises truly become research and development investment, Technology innovation activities and innovation results of the application of the main, to enhance China's bearing industry's independent innovation capability.

Strengthen the brand image construction

China's bearing enterprises are concerned about the brand building, but in branding, design and management are not very standardized, good brand is not commented out, product technology and quality indicators of the advanced nature of the brand is the core competitiveness, therefore, enterprises should Strengthen the quality control, production preparation, manufacturing, delivery and use of the whole process must be strictly monitored to ensure that the physical quality of products, lay the foundation for brand building.

Industry organizations and other institutions should guide and help enterprises according to high standards and high requirements to improve the quality management system, measurement and testing system, the formation of quality assurance of long-term mechanism.