Track Roller Bearings Use Features


Track Roller Bearings Use features

A Brief Introduction to the Characteristics of Seven Kinds of Bearing Roller

1, seven kinds of bearing roller with excellent rotation accuracy

The internal structure of the seven types of bearing rollers is arranged in 90 ° vertical crossings with roller, and the interval between the rollers is equipped with an interval holder or a separation block to prevent friction between the roller rollers of the roller, effectively preventing the rotation torque The increase. In addition, since the contact phenomenon or the locking phenomenon of the roller does not occur, and the inner and outer rings are divided structures, the gap can be adjusted, and even if the preload is applied, a high-precision rotational motion can be obtained.

2, operation and installation simplification

The outer ring or inner ring, which is divided into two parts, is fixed together after loading the seven types of bearing rollers and retainers, so the operation is very simple during installation.

3, to withstand greater axial and radial load

Because the rollers are arranged perpendicularly to each other through a spacing retainer on a 90 ° V-groove rolling surface, this design allows the seven types of bearing rollers to withstand large radial loads, axial loads and moment loads All directions of the load.

4, substantial savings in installation space

The size of the inner and outer rings of the seven types of bearing rollers is minimally miniaturized, especially the ultra-thin structure is close to the limit of the small size, and has high rigidity, so the most suitable for industrial robot joints or rotation parts, machining center Rotary table, manipulator rotation, precision rotary table, medical equipment, measuring instruments, IC manufacturing devices and other widely used.

5. High speed capability

6. To reduce the shaft length and processing costs, thermal expansion leads to limited geometric changes

7. The use of nylon separator, low inertia, low starting torque, easy to control the angular division

8. Optimize the preload, stiffness, guide roller running high precision

9. Carburized steel provides excellent impact resistance and surface wear resistance

10. Simple but full of lubrication

In order to ensure the long life of the tapered roller, the oil lubrication method is more reliable than the oil lubrication method, as long as the oil selection is appropriate, after a good filter, the amount of oil, regular inspection and timely replacement, Enter the target greater than 1 and as close as possible to 4.

Grease lubrication generally has uneven oil film and poor oil, lubricating performance is less stable than oil, and it is necessary to require long life of the grease itself, and the life of the general grease is much lower than that of the rolling tapered roller in most cases The Some long-life lubricants, as long as the thin layer of uniform adhesion to the SKF tapered roller bearing rolling surface, such as boring machine spindle and other components for more than 10 years to maintain excellent lubrication performance, such lubrication Fat is also developed.

In the case of oil lubrication is not suitable, should use good quality grease, select the appropriate amount of fat and grease change cycle. Due to the large dispersion of grease life, grease change cycle should be closely monitored and accumulated long-term experience to be determined. In the better environmental conditions, the use of appropriate sealing, high-quality grease can also maintain a long period of lubrication, as long as the tapered roller bearing life requirements are not too long, it may be a fat and then do not need to add fat, but Be careful with this situation.

Seal can prevent the loss of lubricant and dirt into the tapered bearing roller, so as to maintain the lubrication of the tapered bearing roller and cleanliness and is conducive to achieving long life, but also consider the seal structure of the simple and complex, cost, the effectiveness of sealing And the validity period, according to environmental conditions and requirements of the SKF tapered roller bearing life to be reasonable to choose, at the same time to pay attention to the use of seals properly, can bring great benefits; seals used improperly, the effect is not. For example, contact seals are heated at high speeds and are quickly worn and sealed, and the wear is contaminated and the SKF tapered roller bearings are contaminated. The non-contact seals have a pressure differential (barometric pressure or oil pressure) on both sides of the seal , Dust or the effect of sealing oil will be worse.