Factors Affecting Angular Contact Ball Bearing Noise

For angular contact ball bearings, especially large contact angle bearing, large axial gap, and bumps are larger than deep groove ball bearings. During the processing, the inner ring is placed in a strip disc. When transporting the combination, the channel is large, and the chance of hopping is large; while the inner ring trench It is another important factor affecting bearing noise.

When the roughness of the channel is controlled by the value below 08TAN, the main factors of the bearing (ferrule, rolling bodies, retention frame) in each component are the surface corrugation of the rolling bodies. In the production of low noise bearing, it is almost reducing the surface roughness of the groove, and there is no significant improvement in the decrease in the bearing noise.
Through the above analysis, the key factors that generate noise are found. There are many factors affecting the angular contact ball bearing noise, such as maintaining quality, cleaning effect, anti-rust lubricating oil applied by bearings, and often affects simultaneous effects.