• It is also possible that the noise caused by the bearing is corroded, and it is mainly:


  • When we use the mechanical bearings, sometimes it will hear some harsh sound at the machine, that is, irregular audiomes in the bearing operation, even screaming. This is the noise of the bearing. This angular contact ball bearing noise has a lot of factors, and it is also very complicated.


  • First way: electroplating A layer of plating treatment in the surface of the stainless steel standard member is a very common anti-corrosion method. This method is to place the stainless steel standard member in a metal solution, and then the surface of the stainless steel standard member is subsequently covered with a layer of metal.


  • For angular contact ball bearings, especially large contact angle bearing, large axial gap, and bumps are larger than deep groove ball bearings. During the processing, the inner ring is placed in a strip disc.


  • The outer ring of the angular contact ball bearing is a half-groove, and the solid holder is used, which can withstand axial and radial joint load. When using the axial preload, it is necessary to increase the axial preload to improve the axial rigidity and rotation accuracy, which is widely used in high precision. Machine spindle.


  • The angular contact ball bearing angle is the angle of the bearing and the angle of the vertical line: