• After the deep groove ball is loaded on the shaft, the axial displacement of the two targets of the shaft or outer casing can be restricted to the axial overlapping boundary line of the bearing, so that the axial direction can be positioned in the two direction.


  • The deep groove ball bearing selects a larger radial gap, and the contact angle is zero when the pure radial force is received. When there is axial force, the contact angle is greater than zero. It is usually selected with a stamping ribroom, and the vehicle entity maintains, occasionally use the nylon frame.


  • Imported deep groove ball bearings are mainly used to receive pure radial loads, and can also receive radial and axial loads at the same time. When it only receives pure radial load, the contact angle is zero.


  • Three major characteristics of deep groove ball bearings Features One: It consists of an outer side, an inner hole, a group of bearing steel balls and a set of ball bearings.


  • RIHOO INDUSTRY the another new production plant opened in Aug.-2020. This will increase our production capability so that to focusing on linear motion products, track roller bearings and so on.


  • By Lisa Eitel • Robot-positioning tracks can add flexibility to manufacturing spaces, but must be fast, accurate, and safe to be truly useful. Here we take a look at drives that deliver.